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Top Interview Questions & Skills When Hiring Front-end Developers

With over 1.7 billion websites and over 1.2 trillion search queries every year, the internet is a crowded yet imperative marketplace. And if logics are placed rightly, front-end developers are your soldiers if you are looking for ample visibility here. Or in simpler words – ‘hiring the right front-end developers is synonymous with digital success.’

A front-end developer is responsible for developing those aspects of an application that the user interacts with. The role includes building mock-up designs, UI/UX strategy, code implementation, functionality integration, and testing.

Embedded Tweet parameter reference Twitter Developers

Embedded Tweet parameter reference — Twitter Developers

Previously, the basic technology perquisites required for an expert front-end developer included – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, today UIs (user interfaces) have become more interactive and JavaScript technology has become more complex. It has its own frameworks and specializations, other than HTML and CSS. So the required skill-set for front-end development has also broadened. And therefore the obvious questions are –

‘How to hire the right front-end developer?’ or ‘What is the right skillset to check when hiring a front-end developer?’

So this Guide Covers –  

  1. Hard Skills to Check in a Dedicated Front-end Developer
  2. Top 7 Interview Questions to Ask when Hiring Front-end Developers

Hard Skills to Check in a Dedicated Front-end Developer

Hard Skills to Check in a Dedicated Front-end Developer

  • Preprocessors for CSS: Front-end developers should be able to create cross-browser compatible style sheets using CSS preprocessors like SCSS/Sass, LESS or Stylus.
  • 2D and 3D Graphics: The developers need to know how to implement graphics, visualization and dashboards using SVG or JavaScript libraries. In the case of 3D graphics, knowledge of X3D or relevant libraries is essential.
  • Responsive Design: The front-end developer you hire needs to know how to optimize the application UI for various screen sizes, devices, ratios and orientations.
  • Networking Protocols: Every application’s front-end call data from its back-end through networking protocols. A front-end developer needs to have knowledge of standard networking protocols HTTP, HTTPS and Ajax. And understand the REST API.
  • Module Frameworks: The most popular JavaScript frameworks are Angular.JS, React.JS and Vue.JS. The front-end developer needs to have knowledge over these frameworks. Combined use of CSS and JavaScript frameworks allows developers to integrate multi-functionality.

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  • CSS Framework like Bootstrap or Foundation: The CSS frameworks like Bootstrap are important to decide the look and feel of the application, while other JavaScript frameworks handle the content.
  • jQuery: jQuery library allows developers to apply shortcode lines to meet simple functionalities that might require multiple JS scripts.
  • GIT Version Controlling Tool: The preferred version control software GIT allows front-end developers to check the version history and track any changes made in the project in the past.
  • Best Browser Developer Tools: If you hire a dedicated front-end developer he should know how to use the top browser developer tools to speed up or make front-end development efficient.
  • Module Bundler and Task Runners: It is important for any expert front-end developer to know how to use the best module bundlers and task runners. This helps implement undercover automation by combining processes, thus saving in work and time.
  • Testing/Debugging in IDE: As a front-end development best practice, developers should apply unit testing, called “Test-Driven Development” which allows testing throughout the development phase and avoids disappointment in the final phases.
  • Web Template System: Dedicated front-end developers with knowledge of various platforms or CMSes (content management systems) and their web template system are able to use those templates for generating UI elements automatically. This accelerates the UI building process and makes it seamless.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): For an SEO-optimized application on the first-hand, your developers should know how to integrate initial SEO principles in the web markup.
  • Security: You need to make sure that the dedicated developers you hire are familiar with web security protocols – HTTPS protocols, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. They should know to imply token-based authorization and authentication and session-based management.

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