A Creative Studio that is specialized in Brand, Strategy & Digital Creation.

We, London Consultancy Group are a world-renowned firm headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Dubai, Sydney and New York.

We take a bottom-line approach to each project.
Our most prestigious clients range from upmarket swiss Watchmakers to personalities and celebrities worldwide. The services we provide stem from PR, Media and Marketing.
Over the course of years, we have formed strong partnerships with a range of tabloids whom we continuously work with to provide our PR Services. This includes but is not limited to, Forbes, The Times, BBC and CNN.
We command the digital marketplace thanks to exclusive access to over 1000 of its most important tastemakers and consumption-shaping channels.
More importantly, we’ve engineered a scientifically based, dependable scaling process brands can use to ignite viral movements, establish categorical superiority, and drive exponential sales growth. We build such digital scaling strategies for industry leaders from L’Oreal, French Connection, and Primark to dozens of start ups. Our proprietary exponential growth formula has been hailed by international media as the new gold-standard process to follow in digital era brand growth. With us, you have the complete track record, tools, and process to make sure you achieve your goals.
LCG is headed up by Mr Amir Hussain whom is Managing Director and Mr Charles Porter. Amir is both a creative and enthusiastic professional with over multiple years of experience in public relations, marketing and communications. Together LCG is focused, driven and accustomed to working in busy environments and meeting tight deadlines. We are team players who can motivate others and can work as an extension to your own team or as an external consultancy.

Idea Sharing

Each teammate contributes in brainstorming and idea-sharing sessions.

High Integrity.

We maintain our high beliefs and professionalism throughout the process on integrity and respect.

Constant Learning

We organizes monthly sessions by industry qualified coaches for its employees.
“More media publications than ever are investing in their online platforms and digital news, due to the continued rise in digital content consumption. Its essential brands look beyond standard print opportunities to ensure they are engaging with their target audiences.”